101 Connector Templates

Optimize100x provides flexibility, faster time-to-market, and minimal need for custom code building on 101 consistent SaaS API connector templates.

Robotic Process Optimization

Robotic process automation (RPA) is an emerging technology that enables organizations to effectively automate tasks, streamline processes, increase employee productivity, and ultimately deliver satisfying customer experiences.
Our plug-and-play connector blocks let you log into any application, connect to any API, ingest, transform and verify data, read emails and attachments, extract from structured and semi-structured documents, scrape data from the web, make calculations, and store resulting data in a variety of databases or steam it directly to any API including our analytics or AI engines.

Data Streams and AI

Machine learning requires data. Lots of data. Our plug-and-play data stream technology allows for a flexible and secure integration of petabytes of public or proprietary data. We track access, usage, ownership and help you to ensure full compliance including medical (HIPAA) and privacy protection rules.
Only 20% of the effort in applied machine learning or data science is modeling and coding, and it is actually less complicated or academic than you might think. We cover the other 80% in providing consistent, unbiased, and trustworthy data. We believe in automation – our robotic modules never sleep, never get tired, are totally unbiased, and don’t make mistakes once set up correctly.

Let us make a splash in your data lake